Club Bottle Donations & Collection


This message is to unveil a new GESA initiative.


  As you know we are asking $25.00 per person to compete in our tournaments.  The distribution of this money is as follows: $5.00 towards equipment purchases, $10.00 towards our rent and the last $10.00 to cash prizes.  

  Shufflers have made it clear to me that they do not want trophies, maybe small pins, but cash is definitely the winner.

  Initially we budgeted for 184 players in each of our tournaments which would have yielded $1,840. in prize money.  I fear that for the 2017  year we will not meet the 184 player quota.  Instead I will be very happy to match Innisfail's 128 players number and that would bring in $1,280. in prize money. AN idea came to me, of maybe augmenting the cash payouts by $560. to stay at $1,840 of prize money.  It could be possible to accomplish this with a bottle drive.  

  As nutty as it sounds I ran it by Bev and Wynn Textor and Ken Ogston when we delivered the lumber and they thought it was a great idea.  Bev instantly gave me 2 bags of bottles and when I added mine to this, our little fund already has $17.25 in it.  I also ran it by some other members last week and I think it was well received.  Linda (Sassy) tells me another member was talking to her about it on Friday and will be bringing in his bottles.  I'm looking forward to seeing more bottles soon.

    We are presently at 55 members so if we all pull together I think we can easily do this.   

   Here's how it will work.  You can bring your bottle donations to the Ottewell when you come to shuffle and we'll take them to the bottle depot or our preference would be for you to take them to the bottle depot and turn the cash in to our volunteer at the registration table when you come to play shuffleboard.  

   If bottles aren't your thing we will take your cash if you say it is specifically for the cash prizes at the tournament.

   We cannot use money already donated by individuals and companies for this as it is not what it was intended to go towards. We have barely been open for 2 weeks and we have signed up 55 paid members and last time I checked (a week ago) with the Jones' they had 55 players for the singles and 14 couples for the mixed doubles.  

   We need for you to keep reaching out to people to join and to compete in our tournaments.  If they do not know how to shuffle we will teach them.   

PEASE let's keep this momentum going!