G.E.S.A Executive

2018 GESA Executive (Elected at 2nd AGM)

 These are ELECTED VOLUNTEER positions       

President       Charlie Loiselle  (Second Term)   

Vice president       Ernie McCormack

Treasurer       Wynn Textor

Secretary       Linda Chalifoux

Director at Large       Collette Carlisle      

Director at Large       Pat Wilson

This is a VOLUNTEER Organization which need the help of many hands for its success. Please consider enrolling in an executive position to ensure the future of this organization

Past Executive

2017 GESA Executive (Elected 1st AGM 2017.09.27)   


President       Charlie Loiselle

Vice President       Ray Jones

Treasurer       Ron Tannahill

Secretary       Linda Chalifoux

Director at Large       Wynn Textor     

Director at Large       Ernie McCormack