FREE Shuffleboard Lessons


Included in $3.00 daily drop-in fee

Floor Shuffleboard play; May, June, July & August, 2019

GESA is offering FREE lessons & improvement clinics.

Everyone is eligible, Everyone is Welcome

Drop-in play is $3.00, and includes a free lesson on the basics of play.  (Player under 17 years of age and under are required to be accompanied by an adult member in good standing)  (All participants are asked to sign a liability waiver)

The Game

Shuffleboard is a game for individuals of all ages and abilities.  A strategic game in which players use cues, to push weighted discs, sending them gliding down a narrow, elongated court, with goal of having the discs come to rest within a marked scoring area.  A link to a 20 minute U-Tube video is provided for your viewing pleasure 

U-Tube Video


Game equipoment is supplied.

If youhave ever enjoyed stick curling, ice curling, air hockey, bowling, Bocce ball, Croquet, or billiards, then the game of shuffleboard is the game for you!


Daily Open Play; 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; 10:00 AM start

Evening Shuffle: Tuesdays

7:00 PM start

(Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to get registered for play)

Daily Drop-in fee $3.00 (Non-member)

Season membership $30.00 

(Annually May thru August)

Glossary of Terms

COURT- The game is played on a prepared surface called “The Court”.  Some refer to the playing area as a “Board”. 

HEAD- The head of the court is located at the end of the court where the scoreboard is located. 

FOOT- Is the opposite end of the court from the Head. 

CUE- The Cue is used to deliver a disc.  It is often referred to as a “Stick”. 

LAG- In tournament play, lagging is used to determine which color of discs a player will choose.  A player lags by delivering a disc to the far lag line.  The player whose disc is closest to the lag line gets to choose color.  Starting the game with yellow discs means you will have the hammer in the final frame. 

LAG LINE- Is the line that crosses the court above the scoring area.  A disc not reaching the lag line is called a “Dead Disc”.  A disc touching any part of the lag line is “In Play”. 

HAMMER- Means having the last disc of the frame. 

KITCHEN- The Kitchen is the area at the end of the court directly behind the 7 Scoring area.  Any delivered disc stopping in the kitchen is a loss of 10 points.