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June 18th, 2018  

President's Message  

Hi gang!  

I'm back from Innisfail's Singles Tournament.  Had lots of fun but no cash.  Congratulations to  GESA members Bruce Fostey who came 4th in Championship, and Sheila Stockman who won the B Event.

Remember Friday, July 6th "Crazy Pants Day".  As of this morning when I spoke with Pat Wilson he had 46 people entered so let's back him up and fill this event.  We need 2 more competitors.  We even have an entry from Stettler for this event and they've got crazy pants too!

Now speaking of Pat Wilson I must commend him for his hard work on special events along with his sidekick Brent Pegg.  So far this year we have seen the Rules & Etiquette Clinic with over 40 attendees and the Strategy Clinic with over 30 attendees and now it looks like "Crazy Pants" is heading to a resounding success.  Great work Pat and Brent.

The courts 1 to 12 are all ready for play now so come on out and shuffle.  It's going to be hot this week in Edmonton but we'll be nice and cool inside the Ottewell, who by the way has banned all mosquitoes!


  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 am, & 1:00 pm. 

Evening shuffle: Wednesday at 7:00 pm 

(please arrive 15 min. early to get registered to play) 

Daily Drop In:   $2.00 

Season Membership:  $30.00 (May to August) Next Special Event date is Friday, July 6.  

Now speaking of the Clinics I sincerely want to say a BIG "Thank You" to both Lynn Bell and Bert Routhier for instructing these clinics.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there in front of a group.  Our club has many experienced and knowledgeable players and we look forward to having others in our membership come forward and share their skills.     

Another neat thing happened in Innisfail.  They held their annual AGM one afternoon and one of their speakers said that "they had the best shuffleboard club", to which I am told someone (maybe two people) interjected and said there was a pretty good club in Edmonton too!

You have no idea how proud I am of our members who are stepping up and taking ownership of GESA and doing fantastic at running it.  Some of you sometimes feel sorry for me that I work too hard but I gotta tell you when I'm down around the courts and I hear all the banter and the laughter and see you all having fun, I get a warm feeling inside, validating all the past work.  Sometimes giving is the reward.

Our Singles Tournament was very successful at a full 128 competitors, as was Innisfail.  While there and during one of their speeches it was mentioned that they had 30 people pull out but they were able to replace them.  I would like to share with you that our tournament also had between 30 - 35 people pull out and we too were able to fill our tournament.   

During our Singles Tournament I saw many examples of sportsmanship but I want to single out one event and individual.  Two players missed the start of their game, so when they arrived it was decided a lag would be held to determine the winner.  This winner then had to play against a legitimate winner next.  The lag winner defeated the legitimate winner who showed tremendous sportsmanship and accepted the results even though by Arizona rules he did not have to.  This true sportsman is GESA member Bruce Fostey.  Thank you Bruce for this example of sportsmanship that I hope is emulated by all our members.  

As you know there was some confusion over the draw which led to people missing their games at our tournament.  I did see this happen in Innisfail too.  I was told that High River had issues with their draw as well.  So much so that their organizers came to Innisfail to see their program.  If they adopt this system it will then be used in Edmonton, Innisfail and High River.  If the draws are always the same no matter where we go in Alberta I would presume that all shufflers will learn to understand the draw sheets.    More information to come later in the week.

Thank You,

Charlie Loiselle,  President

Our MissionStatement says it all:  The Greater Edmonton Shuffleboard Association (GESA) is a non-profit organization that promotes the game of floor shuffleboard with the goals of fun, social interaction, the challenge of competition, and wellness through exercise, for individuals of all ages and abilities. 

Please NO WALKING ON THE COURTS - EVER.  This is a dangerous practise and not good for vinyl courts.  Today someone was walking on the courts and this is of great concern.   Please don't walk on the courts for any reason.  Thank you in advance for respecting this rule.  


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10 am. & 1 pm.

Wednesday evening: 7:00 pm 

Membership:  $30.00 (May to August) 

Drop In: $2.00 daily (inc. free lesson)       

Don't forget to check out our website: 

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